NYC’S Smart Buildings Get Better Grades

Systems and technology built around people

Large buildings in NYC are now assigned a public letter grade based on energy performance.

Graphic showing various buildings with energy letter grades

Do you have an “A” in your lobby? Crafting a smart building strategy is the first step to improve performance and ease operations.

Smart buildings require less human intervention from distracting details and provide the right amount of information for easier decision-making. A smart building strategy is beyond today’s latest widget; it’s grounded in a deep understanding of both new and 100-year old technology and looks at a building as a whole. As your smart buildings partner, we will help you every step along the way to address your critical needs, reduce costs, and increase the value of your properties.

Smart buildings capitalize on your existing systems and create a flexible platform for strategic upgrades in the future as building needs and technology options change. They help you to –

  • Make informed decisions based on key performance indicators
  • Ease operations with one platform for meaningful issues only, increasing productivity and garnering better results
  • Improve your publicly visible letter grade

We can help you keep it simple and identify the right solutions without complicated or unnecessary upgrades. It’s time to start planning now.

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What Are Smart Buildings?

Smart buildings integrate technology, building systems, and people. Leverage information across HVAC, lighting, and other systems to improve daily operations, comfort, and asset value.

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