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This website blends the experience of Steven Winter Associates, Sentient Buildings, and our partners committed to improving the built environment. By educating the market on smart building solutions, we all benefit from greater communication and coordination across the industry.

Steven Winter Associates provides research, consulting and advisory services to improve commercial, residential and multifamily built environments for private and public sector clients. We specialize in energy, sustainability and accessibility consulting as well as certification, research & development and compliance services. Our engineers and architects have led the way since 1972 in the development of best practices to achieve high performance buildings. As a matter of course, we collaborate with our clients to produce the most cost-effective and innovative solutions. Supporting the NYC market in scaling smart buildings requires an understanding of building science, behavioral science, and computer science – all core competencies of SWA. In order to enhance the capabilities and value we can bring to the real estate community over the next 50 years, SWA has partnered as an investor in Sentient Buildings, a hardware and software agnostic Internet of Things (IoT) system integrator.

Sentient Buildings Sentient Buildings Logois a full-service system integrator for advanced Building Automation Systems & IoT technologies for the built environment. Our mission is to implement state of the art systems that strike the right balance between simplicity of design and complexity of operational control. Our team of engineers and technicians have a broad base of experience that stem from years of working in the fields of information and building systems technologies. Utilizing the latest technology platforms, our solutions promote awareness allowing for building operators to maintain tenant comfort and energy managers to take proactive measures while driving efficiencies.




Energy Letter Grades

Are you ready for the upcoming energy grades mandate? Beginning in 2020, Local Law 33 of 2018 requires an energy letter grade to be posted in a publicly visible location. The grades are modeled after the NYC restaurant grading system and similar programs in Europe. Your grade in 2020 is based on how much energy your building uses in 2019. It’s time to start planning now.

Projected Letter Grades for Multifamily Buildings

A pie chart showing projected letter grades for the NYC energy grade mandate

Based on 2017 Local Law 84 data from citywide multifamily buildings