Steam Upgrades at French Apartments

A photo of the front of French Apartments, a high-rise building in Manhattan, NY.

Project scope implemented by Steven Winter Associates; case study prepared by Building Energy Exchange

Key Takeaways

  • Reduced utility costs by more than $64,500 and maintenance costs by $4,500 annually
  • Resolved under- and over-heating problems and quieted noisy pipes and radiators
  • Maximized upgrades at time of refinancing for cost-effective results

Executive Summary

French Apartments is an affordable housing complex managed by Related Management. In 2011, Steven Winter Associates conducted an energy audit under NYSERDA’s FlexTech Benchmarking program and found major opportunities for reducing energy consumption. The steam distribution system dated back to 1981 when the building was converted to residential use and needed improvements to increase tenant comfort, balance temperatures, and reduce clanging pipes. Based on the results of the audit, Steven Winter Associates designed a comprehensive capital scope to improve building performance and comfort while maximizing lifecycle savings. This scope included boiler and burner upgrades, multi-sensor controls, master venting of steam lines, radiator improvements, air sealing, and upgrades to both ventilation and lighting. The upgrades cut annual heating fuel use by 48% and reduced utility costs by more than $64,500 a year. The success of this project inspired Related to implement similar measures in buildings across their portfolio.

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