Smart buildings inform

Owners and Managers
Service Providers
  • Access the right amount of information for better decision-making
  • Increase asset value through smart upgrades that reduce costs and enhance occupant experience
  • Get out in front of letter grades and potential mandates to reduce building energy use
  • Make better use of time by prioritizing attention to the most critical issues
  • Allow for a meaningful feedback loop so building controls can learn from operators and operators can learn from their buildings
  • Allow for ongoing opportunities to develop new skills
  • Allocate energy and water costs to tenants
  • Operators can more easily attend to issues within units (running toilets, water leaks)
  • Smart amenities make building more marketable to new renters and buyers

For more information about smart products for homeowners and renters, view Con Edison’s Smart Home website.

  • Remote trouble-shooting to reduce the number of service calls while enhancing overall service quality
  • Accessible storage of “institutional memory” for smooth operations even as staff changes
  • Platform to engage, challenge and develop the “next generation” of HVAC technicians